Caribbean Report 31-07-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. La Soufriere Volcano terrifies Montserratians. Montseratians are interviewed and Herman Sergeant reports (00:29-04:32)
3. Reductions in Britain's budget for bilateral aid are proving to be a source of concern for a British Parliamentary Committee. Ken Richards reports (04:33-05:51)
4. Virgin Atlantic is offering to buy a part of BWee. Brian Procope is interviewed (05:52-07:40)
5. Scientist have discovered how to make tropical crops resistance to low temperatures so they could be grown in temperate countries. Carol Orr reports (07:41-09:40)
6. Caribbean athletes continue to do well in Atlanta. Michael Stellin reports (09:41-11:31)
7. Michael Holding agrees with Imran Khan that ball tampering is widespread (11:32-14:37)
8. A Canadian umbrella group calling itself the Boycott Florida Coalition is calling for a tourist boycott of Florida this winter in retaliation for the Helms-Burton law (14:38-15:18)