Caribbean Report 26-06-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:47)
2. According to the US Federal Aviation Administration, all Caribbean airlines flying to the US will be required to enforce stricter security measures from next month. Mike Jarvis reports with comments from a FAA spokesman Fred Farrar and Cecil Bernard of BWIA (00:48-04:00)
3. At the third annual regional Private Sector Conference, the private sector calls for speedy action to deal with the development of the regional stock exchange. Sandra Baptiste’s report includes interviews with Roy Collister, President of the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce; Hollis Bristol, past president of the CIC; and Erskine Sandiford, Prime Minister of Barbados (04:01-08:09)
4. The Head of the OAS mission which monitored the elections in Suriname dispels talks that the failure of the newly elected National Assembly to meet is contravening the law and that the Assembly has 30 days after the official announcement of the election results to meet (08:10-10:56)
5. Mike Jarvis interviews Brian Canty, Governor of Anguilla, on the issue of a convicted American fraudster operating an off-shore bank in Anguilla and the efforts to tighten Anguilla’s banking laws (10:57-14:45)