Caribbean Report 16-02-2000



Table of Contents

1. Headlines: (00:00-00:29)
2. Guyana’s capital Georgetown had armed police deployed everywhere as the funeral for one of the country’s most wanted criminal turned into a political issue. The police was trying to prevent the funeral procession from gaining access to certain streets of the capital. (00:30-03:45)
3. The meeting in Bangkok of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development discussed how globalization and unrestricted free trade address the interests of developing countries. Caribbean countries are of the view that developed countries do not take their issues into account. Mike Moore, head of the World Trade Organization, agrees with the views of developing countries. (03:46-07:27)
4. The issue of the banana trade will be discussed tomorrow in a meeting between Europe’s Trade Commission and the U.S. Trade Representative. This is the first time for this year a discussion of this nature which escalated into a trade war last year, is revisited. (07:28-09:16)
5. The Opposition Leader in Nevis, Joseph Parry, informed BBC Caribbean Report that he is in agreement with constitutional reform other than secession from the Federation with St. Kitts. (09:17-11:57)
6. The schedule for Parliamentary elections in Haiti is once again in question with just more than a month into the polls which is considered important in resolving the country’s political process and freeing up international aid. The process is hampered by problems with voter registration and the March date may have to be postponed. (11:58-15:29)