Caribbean Report 09-04-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines. This special edition of Caribbean Report focuses on today’s general elections in Britain. (00:00-00:31)
2. Britain’s conservative government tries to secure a fourth term in office in today’s general elections. Correspondent Hugh Crosskill monitors voting results (00:32-02:49)
3. Weekly newspapers namely, the Jamaican Gleaner UK edition, The Caribbean Times and the Black Briton published among the Afro-Caribbean community, call for a change from conservative to labour government (02:50-05:21)
4. Editor of the Black Briton newspaper, Joseph Harker and Jamaican born Professor Stuart Hall, share conflicting views underscoring the importance of the Black vote in the election. Harker feels that Black votes can influence the outcome of over fifty seats which could swing the parliament either way. Hall on the other hand disagrees, maintaining that the Black vote has become as disparate as the wider population (05:26-08:44)
5. In an interview with Mike Jarvis, Dame Eugenia Charles says that her dealings with the conservative government have had good results and it is left to be seen if this will continue should the ruling party change (08:45-10:29)
6. On the question of aid to the Caribbean, Professor Stuart Hall expresses the view that there should not be a major shift in policy irrespective of which party wins. He believes however, that the election of a labour government or a reduced conservative majority will affect Caribbean economic thinking (10:30-12:32)
7. The latest opinion poll predicts a hung parliament with no single party emerging as a winner (12:33-14:40)