Caribbean Report 17-02-1999

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with anchor Ken Richards (00:25)
2. The Cuban American National Foundation has condemned Havana’s decision to impose a new anti-subversion law referred to as the Law for the Protection of the National Independence and the Economy of Cuba. The new legislation seeks to curb internal political opposition and also includes measures to tackle rising crime on the island. US based organisations such as Cuban American National Foundation views the new legislations as a backward step. Foundation spokesperson and human rights coordinator Mariella Ferretti speaks out against the law. Head of the US Cuba Trade and Economic Council John Kavulich comments on the negative impact on commerce, export, and investments. Ken Richards reports (00:26 - 04:18)
3. In the United States, the White house and congressional leadership are working on a bipartisan effort to speed up help to Central America and Caribbean nations affected by hurricanes George and Mitch. The chief recipients of an aid package totaling 1.2 billion dollars are Haiti, Dominican Republic and the Eastern Caribbean. This package will help restore housing, healthcare and jobs. Republican and Democratic leaders comment on the benefits and on the passage of the bill. Roy Osana reports (00:27 – 06:01)
4. The Barbados government has signaled that it will amend the constitution to facilitate the resumption of hanging for convicted murderers. The government intends to outlaw restrictive rulings by Britain’s Privy Council on the death penalty and overturning the Pratt and Morgan decision. Bertram Niles reports (06:02 – 07:45)
5. A new vulnerability index for small developing states is being circulated at a Small States conference in Saint Lucia jointly hosted by the World Bank and the Commonwealth Secretariat. Deputy Director of the Economics Affairs Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat Dr. Chris Easter outlines the benefits of this initiative. Saint Lucia Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Trade George Odlum comments on how this initiative can assist with challenges faced by small states and how the international community can offer economic assistance. Pete Ninvalle reports (07:46 - 12:06)
6. The West Indies play Australia in a new cricket series amidst calls for current captain Brian Lara to step down and be replaced with a captain who is strong, disciplined well respected and can unite the team. Michael Holding names his two picks for the post Jimmy Adams, and Sherwin Campbell. Keith Stonegreaves reports (12:07-15:26)