Caribbean Report 14-01-1992


There are reports on the activities of Cuban exiles and Cuban-United States relations, as well as on a meeting held in Belize among banana producing countries. The view of the St. Lucian Prime Minister, John Compton on the banana industry is reported. In terms of reports on economic conditions, Suriname's economic adjustment programme is discussed as well as the pending 1992 budet statement by the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. The expectations of various sectors in Trinidad and Tobago from the 1992 budget is also reported on.


Table of Contents

1. Report on Cuban exiles and their belief in defeating socialism (00:00-00:19)
2. Airing of views of Robert McNamara, US defence secretary during the missile crisis, on United States - Cuba relations (00:20-00:39)
3. Interview with Professor Anthony Brian, Director of the Institute of International relations on whether there was a softening of U.S. policy towards Cuba (00:40-03:13)
4. Report on the opinions of St. Lucia's Prime Minister, John Compton on the meeting held in Belize of banana producing countries (03:14-03:40)
5. Airing of views by John Compton (03:41-04:36)
6. Report on the glut of bananas produced in St. Lucia (04:37-04:51)
7. John Compton's views are aired again (04:52-05:47)
8. Report on Suriname's economic adjustment programme (05:48-06:03)
9. Chandra van Binnendijk reports on Suriname's economic adjustment programme (06:04-07:47)
10. Report on the budget of the new Trinidad and Tobago new People's National Party government (07:48-07:59)
11. Tony Fraser reports on preparations for, and expectations from the 1992 budget (08:00-09:51)
12. Errol McCleod, President of the Trinidad National Trade Union Centre, talks on labour's expectations of the 1992 budget (09:52-09:59)
13. Tony Fraser continues reports and airs views of the business community (10:00-10:34)
14. Tony Fraser reports on the view of Prime Minister Patrick Manning on devaluing of the Trinidad and Tobago dollar (10:35-10:48)