Caribbean Report 26-07-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:44)
2. According to a newspaper article in Grenada, a decision has been made to hang five of the 14 persons sentenced to death for the murder of Maurice Bishop and others. Joan Purcell, Minister of Tourism and Chairperson of the Advisory Committee on the Prerogative of Mercy states that the newspaper report is false, the recommendations of the Committee are still pending and the faith of the fourteen rests on the Committee to balance justice and mercy (00:45-05:12)
3. After Nelson Mandela announced in Jamaica yesterday that the sports boycott of South Africa is still enforced, Jamaica’s opposition leader Edward Seaga says Caricom support for South Africa’s return to cricket was premature (05:13-07:47)
4. Two months after the general elections, Suriname is still without a president. The second attempt to appoint a president ended in disarray and the next step is to poll 800 district officials to attain the two-thirds majority vote required for the election of the Head of State. Chandra van Bennendijk reports (07:48-09:50)
5. Debbie Ransome reports on the recovery process of Trinidad and Tobago almost a year after the attempted coup. Interview with Jennifer Johnson, Sports and Youth Minister on the youth involvement in the coup and Barbados Prime Minister Erskine Sandiford comments on the security response by the region to the coup suggesting an expansion of the OECS based Regional Security System. The man-on-the-street also airs his views on the state of the country since the coup (09:51-12:41)
6. Richie Richardson scores his first 100 runs in England as the West Indies tightens their grip in the fourth test match against England. Pat Murphy interviews Richie Richardson (12:42-14:21)
7. The trial of the former Haitian Interior Minister, Roger LaFontant, concerning the failed coup in January begins in Port-au-Prince on Monday (14:22-14:56)