Caribbean Report 16-05-1989



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:57)
2. In South London a community group headed by Guyanese barrister, Rudy Narine has started a campaign to ensure a black candidate is elected for a forth-coming by election. Interview with Rudy Narine (01:02-04:20)
3. Jamaica’s Health Minister says there is a crisis in nursing. Interview with Easton Douglas (04:21-07:57)
4. Financial News (07:58-09:38)
5. Discussions on the present state of the Lomé negotiations with Emmanuel Morin, the EEC Commissioner for Development, at a council meeting of EEC development ministers. Clifford Smith reports (09:39-11:57)
6. The Commonwealth Development Corporation talks about its investment in the Caribbean. Ira Mathur reports. Interviews with Lord Kinsley and John Langton (11:58-15:18)