Caribbean Report 29-09-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. Hugh Crosskill reports on a World Bank study which endorses the Latin American case against preferential treatment of Caribbean and other ACP banana suppliers. (00:29-02:47)
3. David Woods, spokesman for General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) talks about the contribution of Jamaica in leading the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States’ (ACP) case for continued preferential treatment in the European Community banana market. However, the Latin Americans request the intervention of the GATT Director Arthur Dunkel to give an opinion on the proposal by the European Commission to maintain the ACP special access to its market. (02:48-05:14)
4. Panamanian President Guillermo Endara calls the European Community protectionist trade policies in favour of ACP bananas outmoded and contradictory while addressing the UN General Assembly today. (05:15-05:33)
5. Mixed reactions are given by David Peterson, Head of the Commonwealth Observer Team, Paul Tennessee Presidential candidate of the Democratic Labour Movement and Caribbean Rights to the conduct of voting by Guyana’s security forces. Sandra Baptiste talks to Dennis King, team member of the US based Carter Center who also observed the elections. (05:34-09:55)
6. Journalist Tony Fraser talks with Prime Minister Patrick Manning about the People’s National Movement’s victory in the local elections. (09:56-12:00)
7. David Comissiong of the Barbados National Democratic Party says that the activities marking the anniversary of Haiti’s coup tomorrow, hopes to stress that Haiti’s problems are the Caribbean’s. (12:01-14:23)
8. Recap of the headlines. (14:24-14:46)