Caribbean Report 04-10-1990



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:39)
2. A.N.R. Robinson, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, accuses the US of failing to provide vital information that could have prevented the attempted coup. According to information emerging from a court in Florida, for almost a year federal agents were investigating a Miami resident, who is now on trial charged with supplying arms to the members of the Jamaat al Muslimeen. Chris Gunness reports from New York and features comments by Mr. Robinson at the UN (00:40-02:51)
3. A close advisor to Surinamese military commander Desi Bouterse, arrived in Holland and plans to meet with representatives from the Jungle Commando and other Surinamese groups in Holland. A Dutch journalist reports on the attempt by the former ambassador, Henk Herrenberg, to improve the image of the Surinamese military in Holland (02:52-05:53)
4. Britain’s Labour Party gives conditional agreement to the establishment of separate sections for black and Asian members that will lead to greater representation in the party’s decision making process. Jamaican born Bill Morris, Assistant General Secretary of the Transport Workers Union and Anna Critchlow, a constituency worker in London express support for the new decision, whilst Guyanese born MP Bernie Grant opposes the resolution (05:54-07:50)
5. At the conference of the British Labour Party, the leader spoke on the increase aid to Europe if his party wins the next elections but made no mention of the African, Caribbean or Pacific countries. George Foulkes, Labour Party MP, comments on the party’s policy on Caribbean affairs in an interview with Bob Berry(07:51-11:21)
6. Robert Irvine, a specialist in hydroponics, experiments with growing bananas in Scotland (11:22-14:40)