Caribbean Report 28-06-1989



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:38)
2. The American State Department reports the killing of Grenada’s Head of Police and a US diplomat as well as persons wounded in a shooting incident on the island. Adrian Porter and Alister Hughes report from Grenada (00:39-04:53)
3. The radical Catholic station in Haiti, Radio Soleil has been taken over by its disgruntled staff. Michael Norton reports (04:54-08:54)
4. Financial news – The Securities and Exchange Commission which polices the stock market in the US, offers a reward to anyone living in or outside the US for information on insider dealings. Jackie Hardgrave reports. The creation of a single market in Europe can spell disaster for Caribbean countries according to the report, “Beyond 1992” from the “World Development Movement”. Jerry Timmins interviews Ed Mayo (08:55-12:36)
5. British heavyweight boxing champion, Gary Mason, born in Jamaica defends his title against Jeff Harding. Jerry Timmins interviews Ronald Shillingford (12:37-15:01)