Caribbean Report 24-07-1990



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:52)
2. Former US President, Jimmy Carter, will lead a delegation from the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs to Haiti on Wednesday to monitor the preparations for elections in November. Jan Schiff reports (00:53-02:34)
3. Rival groups clash in Haiti as protest over the presence of Roger Lafontant and Williams Regala continues. Michelle Montangue reports (02:53-04:48)
4. French Government responds to the angry reaction from the mayor of St. Martin over plans to set up a fiscal control center on the island. Francois Seners, Advisor to the French Foreign Minister, states that the mayor's concerns stems largely from misunderstanding (04:49-09:04)
5. Financial News. Hugh Crosskill reports that Cuba is preparing for a tourism boom by the mid 1990's (09:05-10:50)
6. President Balaguer to announce several measures designed to reorganise the economy of the Dominican Republic, including an increase in the price of petroleum products. Jean Michel Caroit reports (10:51-12:16)
7. Canadian priest living with Haitian cane-cutters in the Dominican Republic fully agrees with reports by Human Rights organizations that condemn the working conditions of Haitian workers. James Ferguson reports (12:17-15:01)