Caribbean Report 24-10-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:35)
2. Barbados brought to a virtual standstill by the biggest anti-government protest in recent years. Sandra Baptiste reports from Bridgetown with comments from the leader of the Barbados Workers’ Union, Leroy Trotman; Yvette Delph of the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners; and Barbados Labour Party leader, Henry Ford (00:36-04:22)
3. Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia call on the international community to apply economic sanctions on Haiti and reiterated their support of the measures already taken by the OAS. They also call for the urgent dispatch of an OAS mission to Haiti. Charles Scanlon reports from Mexico City (04:23-06:14)
4. At the World Council of Churches in Geneva, the President of Haiti, Jean Bertrand Aristide states that he supports the continued economic sanctions against Haiti and he is not in favour of foreign military forces to restore him to power in Haiti. Christopher Powell’s report from Geneva includes an excerpt of the speech by Jean Bertrand Aristide and also addresses the high level of security accorded to Father Aristide in Geneva (06:15-12:40)
5. Opposition parties in Guyana grouped under the Patriotic Coalition for Democracy rejected the voters list prepared for the upcoming elections. The Carter Centre also expressed a lack of confidence in the government appointed Elections Commissioner, Ronald Jacobs. Sharief Khan reports with comments from a representative from the Carter Centre, Robert Parson (12:41-14:53)