Caribbean Report 13-09-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:25)
2. Caribbean countries are tallying the number of nationals lost in the terrorist attack on the United States. Consul General Dr Basil Bryant, Guyanese Ambassador to Washington Odeen Ishmael, Father of Nezam Hafiz and Port Authority Executive Director Miguel Pereira and Trinidad and Tobago Consul General Terrence Walker are interviewed. Bertrand Niles and Leslie Goffe report (00:26-07:17)
3. United Nations have already passed a resolution condemning the terrorist attack on the United States. The plight of Haitians feared dead in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre is something being closely monitored by Radio Soleil, a Haitian Radio Station in New York. The Bahamas with its close proximity to the United States has much to fear about the repercussions of the attacks on the United States. Ambassador June Clarke heads the Barbados Mission at the United Nations, General Manager of Radio Soleil Rico Durpi are interviewed and Jerome Sawyer reports (07:18-14:00)
4. Former St. Lucia Prime Minister John Compton says that the events in New York this week have lead him to further question the recent ignition to Libya by Easter Caribbean leaders. Sir John Compton is interviewed (14:01-15:21)