Caribbean Report 25-07-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. Antigua's Prime Minister Lester Bird heads home early from a Summit of the Eastern Caribbean Leaders after police tear gas protestors. OECS nations announced iniatives to ease the death burden of the organisation. Prime Minister Keith Mitchell is interviewed and Julius Gittens and Nicole Georges report (00:29-05:25)
3. Whaling controversy hits St. Lucia with hotel cancellations. Association President Berthia Powell, Director of Tourism Hilary Modeste and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Dr James Fletcher are interviewed and Pete Ninvalle reports (05:26-08:21)
4. Had the IWC conference environmental groups deny their call for tourism boycotts of pro-whaling Caribbean Nations, Simon Reddy spokesman for Greenpeace International says the Caribbean Islands may have confused his organisation with the Sea Shephered Conservation Society, an anti-whaling group known for its violent actions. Antigua's Whaling Commissioner Daven Joseph and Dominican Conservationist Atherton Martin and Simon Reddy of Greenpeace International are interviewed (08:22-13:18)
5. Sixty Haitians have been rescued after their boat crashed in the Southern Bahamas. Emma Joseph reports (13:18-14:21
6. Over one million Cubans are expected to march outside the United States intersection in Havana on Thursday to mark one of the most important dates in the Communist calendar. Tomorrow is the 48th anniversary of the attack on Moncada Barracks. Tanya Green-Reid reports (14:22-15:36)