Caribbean Report 04-05-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:26)
2. Two people are seriously injured in a fresh outbreak of violence in the village of Buxton, Guyana. Ceremonial opening of the Parliament in Guyana. Colin Smith reports (00:27-02:21)
3. Emergency help is on the way for the crisis hit Windwards Banana Industry. French Ambassador to St. Lucia Henry Vidal and Prime Minister Kenny Anthony are interviewed. Pete Ninvalle reports (02:22-05:02)
4. Is Grenada turning into a dictatorship? Trade Unionist Chester Humphrey and Rupert Agostini of the governing New National Party are interviewed. Ken Richards reports (05:03-11:33)
5. Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister is warning that drug cartels are teaming up with insurgents to destabilise his country. Prime Minister Basdeo Panday and Deputy Commander of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Gary Speer are interviewed. Raymond Edwards reports (11:34-13:28)
6. There is further evidence of a slowdown in the global economy. Emma Joseph reports (13:29-15:49)