Caribbean Report 12-05-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:33)
2. Jamaica’s Governor General Sir Howard Cooke calls for support from the entire nation in a bid to curb inflation and stabilize the dollar. In an interview, Editor of Jamaica’s Money Index Errol Gregory comments on government’s intention to make the public sector more cost effective, introduce tougher budget measures and the call for greater private sector responsibility (00:34-06:50)
3. The World Bank announces in its sixteen page operational directive that although Caribbean countries will not be included in an assessment of military spending by eighty-five world countries as a conditionality for foreign loans, they must still show strength in alleviating poverty. Correspondent Hugh Crosskill speaks with the Head of the World Bank’s Caribbean Division, Christian Delvoie (06:53-10:02)
4. Head of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States' Economic Secretariat, Carl Mitchell expresses great disappointment with the performance of the private sector in the region. Correspondent Collin Williams reports (10:03-11:49)
5. In an interview with correspondent Pete Ninvalle, Jocelyn McCalla of the National Coalition for Haitian Refugees comments on the Vatican’s decision to recognize the illegitimate government in Haiti (11:50-14:16)
6. Recap of the day’s headlines (14:17-14:38)