Caribbean Report 30-07-1993



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:37)
2. In Haiti, senators met for talks on the confirmation of Prime Minister designate, Robert Malval. The planned confirmation was delayed after senators failed to agree on a transitional authority. The confirmation of Robert Malval would lead to the lifting of the five week old UN embargo. The senate has been trying to establish a five-member committee to oversee the transition of power from the military to President Aristide. Interview with Claudette Werleigh from the Washington Office on Haiti (00:38-02:54)
3. Commercial bankers in Trinidad and Tobago are claiming that the flotation of the Trinidad and Tobago dollar has been a success. Both the buying and selling rates of hard currency have been stable. The selling rate of TT5.60 to the US dollar, an increase of over 30 percent was set by the commercial banks in conjunction with the Central Bank. Tony Fraser reports (02:55-05:32)
4. In London, a decision not to prosecute two youths accused of the murder of a black teenager, Stephen Lawrence is to be reviewed. Stephen was killed in April in an incident which police described as racially motivated. Stephen’s parents are in Jamaica where they took his body to be buried, earlier this month. The decision by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to drop charges because of insufficient evidence sparked controversy at a demonstration outside the CPS Office in London. Interview with Marc Wadsworth, National Secretary, Anti-Racist Alliance. Yvette Rowe reports (05:33-07:25)
5. Still in London, a Jamaican woman who collapsed while being served with a deportation order remains critically ill in hospital, suffering permanent brain damage. Joy Gardner arrived in Britain on a six-month visitor’s visa. Interview with Bernie Grant, MP who denounced the powers bestowed on immigration officials, spoke on the concerted approach by EC countries on deportation and the need for an independent enquiry other than the Home Office, on the case. Interview with Barbara Roche, MP who questioned the procedures with the deportation order (07:26-11:42)
6. US President, Bill Clinton announced his intention to nominate Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman to sit on the US House of Representatives as Ambassador to Jamaica. In making the announcement, the President called Shirley Chisholm, a true pioneer of politics. Yvette Collymore reports on the life of Shirley Chisholm whose Caribbean parents migrated to the US (11:43-13:47)
7. Olympic champion, Linford Christie has won the 100 metres showdown with his rival, Carl Lewis. Christie took 10.9 seconds to break the tape in front of the stadium in England. Eight times gold medalist and US sprinter, Carl Lewis came third place. Christie, whose parents are Jamaicans walked away with 100,000 pounds with Lewis receiving an equal amount (13:48-14:18)
8. A Drug Court would be established by the end of the year in Trinidad and Tobago to hear cases associated with narcotics, trafficking and related crimes. The Court is one of the recommendations by a team appointed by the Cabinet to deal with the delays in the justice system (14:18-15:00)