Caribbean Report 12-02-1990


Ben Jones, Prime Minister of Grenada announces that general elections will be held on March 31st, the 11th anniversary of the Grenada Revolution. He further comments on the political forecast of a low voter turn-out and the importance of Eric Gairy not returning to power. Secondly, the Prime Minister of St. Lucia, John Compton, reacts to the promise by the Dominican Republic to stay out of the banana market in Europe. In the next segment, Fidel Castro attacks the policies of the United States during the closing day of a four-day conference of educators and teachers in Cuba. The report concludes with insights into the fitness and preparedness of the English cricket team for the upcoming tournament with the West Indies.


Includes musical interlude at the beginning of the report.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-01:35)
2. Grenada announces election date. Telephone interview with Ben Jones, Prime Minister of Grenada (01:36-04:34)
3. John Compton, Prime Minister of St. Lucia reacts to the Dominican Republic's decision not to export bananas to Europe (04:35-07:47)
4. Financial News. Comments from Philip Taylor, Warbury Securities (07:48-09:09)
5. John Compton, Prime Minister of St. Lucia continues the interview on the banana dispute with the Dominican Republic (09:10-11:27)
6. Fidel Castro, President of Cuba demonstrates his anti-American sentiments to teachers in Cuba. Lionel Martin reports from Havana (11:28-13:44)
7. Sporting segment. Christopher Martin Jenkins reports on the English cricket team and the upcoming Caribbean tour (13:45-15:45)