Caribbean Report 12-11-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Within the past hour Trinidad and Tobago has read death warrants to three condemned men Dole Chadee, Joey Ramiah and Ramkalawan Singh (00:28-00:44)
3. Caribbean Banana exporters condemn the United States over the threat to trade sanctions. Gordon Myers of the Caribbean Bananas Exporters Association is interviewed and Keith 'Stone' Greaves reports (00:45-05:20)
4. Verbal exchanges between the Prime Minister and the press in Trinidad and Tobago showed no signs of easing. Prime Minister Basdeo Panday is interviewed and journalist and lawyer B.C. Pires reports (05:21-06:11)
5. Devastation left by hurricanes Mitch and George has reopened the question - Are the storms getting fiercer as a result of climate change and is climate change itself being caused by global warming? Meteorologist, National Hurricane Center, Miami Jack Beven, Representative for Central America for an Irish NGO which is involved in Development and Humanitarian Aid Programmes in British Honduras Sally O'Neil, Director of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management in Jamaica, Dr Barbara Carby, and Chairman of the National Hurricane Committee in the Cayman Islands, Kirkland Nixon, are interviewed. Chelston Lee reports (06:12-10:02)
6. Hanging of Dole Chadee, Joey Ramiah and Ramkalawan Singh. Tony Fraser reports (10:03-11:01)
7. In South Africa where the West Indies Cricket fans have been thinking about travelling for the test series, they would need to be aware of the high level of violent crime in the ciuntry. Robert Nunes of South Africa is interviewed and Jeremy Vine reports (11:02-14:41)
8. Montserrat's volcano sprewed ash all across the island this morning (14:42-15:17)