Caribbean Report 20-07-1999 



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00:00 - 00:30)
2. Anguilla Chief Minister Hubert Hughes is under political pressure to resign or call new elections following the departure from his cabinet of his former finance Minister government, Victor Banks. British Governor Robert Harris and Hughes speak out on the current political impasse and governance of the island. Keith Stone Greaves reports (00:31 – 03:56)
3. A recent increase in gang violence associated with yardies (criminals who originate in Jamaica) in Britain has prompted calls by the British Conservative party the Tories for tougher immigration controls on Jamaicans. This controversial demand has angered black groups in London accusing the party of linking race with violence. Ken Richards reports (03:57 - 05:34)
4. In Jamaica, the Deputy leader of the opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), Mike Henry has indicated that he will appeal the decision by the central government to suspend him for one year. Mr. Henry has been embroiled in a public dispute with party leader Edward Seaga over leadership and other issues. Mike Henry comments on his role in the party and his suspension by the JLP leaders (05:35 - 08:16)
5. Members of the World Trade Organization reached agreement on the election of a new WTO Director General. The post will be held by former New Zealand Prime Minister Michael Moore for three years, followed by Thailand Deputy Premier Supachai Panitchpakdi for three years. This compromise ends 10 months of wrangling about who will head the organization. Claire Doyle reports on the move to fill the vacuum using a strategy of shared governance (08:17 - 09:56)
6. Puerto Rican officials increase pressure to force the US to depart island of Viajes. This tough move follows the Navy admission of use of napalm during training exercises on the island. The Puerto Rican government is pointing to a high cancer rate due to chemicals and use of explosives on the island by the navy. Washington correspondent Bob Freedman reports (09:57 – 12:04)
7. The international environmental agency Green Peace has described as draconian and anti-democratic the decision by the British government to ban one of its vessel from UK territorial waters. The MV Green Peace is stationed in the UK port to track shipments of plutonium fuel from Europe to Japan and posts public information about risks posed by nuclear shipments to Caribbean region (12:05 – 13:08)
8. A show stage in Williamsburg Virginia focusing on the plight of black slaves during civil war has come under fire for being a sanitized version of US history. BBC correspondent Rob Watson reports (13:09 – 15:21)