Caribbean Report 18-12-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. Indusrial action in Martinique and Grenada involving the banana industry and other sectors. Martinique-based Maryse Gauteng is interviewed and Lou Smith reports (00:30-05:58)
3. The Windward Islands is warned about poor quality bananas weakening their case in Europe. Dr Yankee also addressed the planned restructuring of the OECS Secretariat. Dr J.B. Yankee is interviewed (05:59-08:43)
4. In Guyana the leaders of four unions representing more that twenty thousand public sector workers have signalled their intention to take industrial action. Public Services Minister George Foreman is interviewed and Colin Smith reports (08:44-10:16)
5. Large numbers of pharmacies in Trinidad and Tobago were closed today in protest of a proposal by the Finance Minister to open the market for non-prescription drugs. President of the Pharmacy Board Pete Gibb Stanley is interviewed. Tony Fraser reports (10:17-11:53)
6. Greenpeace is keeping up its Caribbean campaign against nuclear waste shipment. Spokesman for Greenpeace International Shaun Burnie, Nuclear Control Institute, Paul Leventhal and Professor John van Dyke are interviewed. Moya Thomas reports (11:54-15:33)