Caribbean Report 05-06-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. The US State Department tells the OAS to cool it over opposition to Helms-Burton. US State Department spokesman Nick Burns and Canada's Ambassador Brian Dickson are interviewed. Claire Bolderson reports (00:31-04:16)
3. St. Lucia's opposition is to take its case against the appointment of the new governor general to London. Labour Party leader Kenny Anthony and Pete Ninvalle reports (04:17-06:39)
4. Republican opponents of US President Bill Clinton appear to be preparing to attack the administration over an alleged cover up of politically motivated killings in Haiti. Michael Norton reports (06:40-09:55)
5. A call from Grenada's police chief for the death penalty stirs up debate. Dorothy Gittens of Amnesty International and Police Commissioner Nesta Oglivie are interviewed. Lou Smith reports (09:56-12:05)
6. Societies based on christianity around the world have imposed the death penalty on criminals. Here in the region the death penalty remains the favourite form of punishment for violent crime. Reverend Theodore Taylor, Director of the Barbados Christian Council is interviewed (12:06-14:15)
7. Just under two weeks to go before Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan arrives in Jamaica a charity organisation connected with the visit has had millions of dollars worth of donations withdrawn in protest to the visit (14:16-15:19)