Caribbean Report 23-07-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00:00 - 00:30)
2. Agricultural Ministers from the OECS attending a two day conference in Dominica are advocating for options to access the banana markets and diversification strategies for other produce. St. Lucia Agriculture Minister Cassius Elias discusses the island’s preparation for changes in the European Union banana regime and the role of the Windward Islands Banana Developing and Exporting Company (WIBDECO) in diversification and marketing of other non-banana crops in the Caribbean (00:31 - 02:58 )
3. There is widespread criticism aimed at former St. Martin Commissioner on his statements on the crime situation and threat to Tourism in the Caribbean region. Julian Rollocks is quoted in the widely Circulated Conde Nast as characterising St. Lucia as a war zone and his disparaging remarks against Jamaicans. St Maarten Tourism Commissioner Theo Heyliger and BBC correspondent Kimberly Andrew analyses the charges laid in the article (02:59 – 07:35)
4. In Guyana parliamentarians are sifting through the report by the Commission appointed to review the country’s constitution after this document was formally laid in the House of Representatives. This review of the constitution was undertaken in response to political and social unrest in the country. Colin Smith reports on the mixed reaction by politicians to the constitutional review (07:36 – 10:15)
5. In Venezuela the electorate is preparing to go to the polls to elect a constitutional assembly. The poll comes seven months after the election of President Hugo Chavez. BBC correspondent in Caracas reports on the endorsement of President Chavez within the assembly council, the power of the assembly to change the political and jurisprudence systems, and constitutional changes (10:16 – 13:54)
6. London’s publicly funded Millennium project to build a Caribbean Heritage Center for the Caribbean community in the sum of nine million pounds has been cancelled by the Millennium Commission as sponsors and members of the Commission are in a legal row with accusations of racism, incompetence and financial non-viability being leveled on both sides (13:55 – 15:19)