An historical overview of dentistry in Trinidad and Tobago



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Department of History, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus


The development of dentistry in the Caribbean had its beginnings largely in folk and lay practitioners providing dental care, before the arrival of qualified dentists and the establishment of an organised and self-regulating profession. Hence, in this respect the history of Caribbean dentistry parallels that of many European societies. This paper discusses dentistry in Trinidad and Tobago during British rule, the setting up of the government dental service and its development in the early post-colonial period, in particular the training and deployment of dental nurses. The introduction of dental legislation relating to self-regulation of the profession, ensuring standards of care and outlawing unlicensed dental practitioners is also explored, along with issues relating to the development of the regions’ first dental school and graduation of locally trained dentists.


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Dentistry--Practice--Trinidad and Tobago--History, Dentists--Training of--Trinidad and Tobago, Dental auxiliary personnel—Training of --Trinidad and Tobago


Naidu, Rahul, Ramroop, Visha and Reisha Rafeek. "An Historical Overview of Dentistry in Trinidad and Tobago." History in Action Online-Only Journal 1.1 (2010): n.pag.Web.