Caribbean Report 12-05-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Orin Gordon (00:00-00:25)
2. The Windward Islands Farmers' Association has made a public appeal to British Prime Minister to show his commitment to the Caribbean banana industry. Renwick Rose comments on why they are waging a media campaign (00:26-04:49)
3. While the Caribbean is dependent on Britain, there is the powerful lobbying influence of the Latin American multinational corporations who have the backing of the US. Bernard O'Connor comments on the EU proposals (04:50-05:36)
4. The UN has published a report assessing the impact of the recent Asian financial crisis on the Caribbean and Latin America. ECLAC states the fallout from the Asian crisis will ultimately damage prospects for growth (05:37-07:29)
5. In the Dominican Republic, thousands of people gathered in the national stadium to pay their final respects to late Opposition Leader Jose Francisco Pena Gomez. James Hodges reports on how significant this loss is to Dominican politics (07:30-10:09)
6. Cuba's rapidly expanding tourism industry is proving to be a cause of concern for English-speaking Caribbean countries but rather than competing some are looking for a piece of the action. Tom Gibb reports (10:10-12:45)
7. Jamaica's build up to the World Cup Finals in France is well underway. Yvette Rowe examines how to get to France and how to get tickets to the World Cup (12:46-14:58)
8. Britain's immigration authorities are cracking down on bogus marriages in which foreigners marry British citizens for the sole purpose of entering the UK (14:59-15:18)