Caribbean Report 19-09-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. Commonwealth Secretary General Don McKinnon is optimistic that the Brisbane Conference will go ahead and Caribbean voices will be heard. Commonwealth Secretary General Don McKinnon is interviewed (00:31-03:37)
3. Citizens of Arab countries in the Dominican Republic will be questioned by the Secret Service. Jean-Michel Cairot reports (03:38-05:59)
4. Cuba has diplomatic contacts with the United States in the wake of the attacks on the US. Orin Gordon reports (06:00-07:28)
5. Latest estimates from the disaster in New York put the number of Caribbean nationals killed or missing as high as a hundred. Russia has indicated that it would support the use of force when and if necessary in the United States campaign against terrorism. Leslie Goffe reports (07:29-10:21)
6. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis Denzil Douglas has offered rescued workers in New York and Washington, DC a one week all expenses paid trip to the twin island state (10:22-10:46)
7. Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States has announced new security measures for airports in the sub-region. OECS Director of Civil Aviation Harold Wilson is interviewed and Bertrand Niles reports (10:47-12:27)
8. Bermuda's police say cocaine taken off a plane diverted to Bermuda the day of the terror attacks was worth close to US$12 million (12:28-12:48)
9. Concerns are being expressed in Trinidad and Tobago that the country's President needs to be careful about his decisions. Former Head of the Public Service and Retired Diplomat Reginald Dumas is interviewed and Tony Fraser reports (12:49-15:11)