Caribbean Report 16-03-1992



Table of Contents

1. Jamaica’s Prime Minister Michael Manley announces his decision to retire due to ill health (00:00-01:48)
2. The question of who succeeds Mr. Manley will be addressed on March 28th at the delegate’s conference of the People’s National Party. Labour Minister and Party Vice President Portia Simpson and Party Chairman P. J. Patterson are being considered as candidates. Political commentator Dr. Aggrey Brown and Freelance Journalist Rikki Singh comment on the issue (01:49-04:49)
3. A look at the regional and international reactions to the retirement announcement. David Jessop of the London based West India Committee, Larry Birns of the Council for Hemispheric Affairs, Washington and former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago ANR Robinson discuss the implications of Mr. Manley's retirement (04:50-07:39)
4. A look at Mr. Manley’s involvement in and contribution to regional integration (07:40-09:22)
5. A review of Mr. Manleys political history from his rise to power in 1976. Correspondent Lionel Martin reports and leader of the British Labour Party, Neil Kinnock talks of his shared beliefs in democratic socialism with Mr. Manley (09:23-13:55)
6. Citizens in Kingston give their opinion on Mr. Manley’s retirement announcement (13:56-14:55)