Caribbean Report 25-08-1999 

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with anchor Debbie Ransome (00:00 – 00:25)
2. Head of the US Southern Command has recommended the withdrawal of American troops in Haiti. The proposal is currently being considered in Washington. Plans outlined include military mission closing in 1999 and replaced by a series of humanitarian groups stationed in Haiti. Former US Ambassador to Haiti missions Ernest Price comments on the mixed views from Washington on withdrawal plans (00:26 – 04: 19)
3. In reports emanating from the Hurricane Center in Miami, tropical storm Dennis may be upgraded to hurricane status due to winds recorded at more than 74 mph. Hurricane warnings have been posted for parts of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Tropical storm Emily moves towards Barbados and the southern Caribbean (04:20 - 05:08)
4. A new Commissioner for London Metropolitan Police is to be named tomorrow with John Stevens scheduled to replace Paul Condon who alienated citizens in the black community. The Macpherson Report earlier released early in 1999 concluded that the police force was institutionally racist. The report highlighted their bungled attempt to solve the murder of black teen Stephen Laurence. Orin Gordon analyses John Stevens ability to heal the racial divide. Lee Jasper race advisor to the British Home Secretary and activist comments on the role of the new commissioner in mending the relationship between the metropolitan police and black community. PC Murray Clarke talks on repairing the police force battered image. Stephen Grover from the Stephen Lawrence campaign is harsh in his assessment of current candidates hard-pressed to find dynamic leaders to deal with race relations (05:08 - 07:53)
5. Campaigners are calling for a minute silence in Nottingham Hill carnival to remember victims of racial crimes. There is growing support in the Caribbean community for this action but critics have said that the event will be difficult to implement during the multicultural festival. Civil Rights activist Fannie Williams support the call based on the contributions made by the black community and lives lost (07:54 -10:46)
6. Michael Castillo reports from Seville Spain on the performance of Caribbean athletes during the World Athletics Championships (10:47 – 15:26)