Caribbean Report 27-11-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:31)
2. With less than a week to go before St. Lucia’s general elections, the party's manifesto is just beginning to emerge. Prime Minister Kenny Anthony defends his decision to launch the manifesto this late as a strategic move. Pete Ninvalle reports (00:32-03:00)
3. In an interview, Political Analyst Jeff Fedee discusses how the late release of party's manifesto for the St. Lucia December elections may impact the voter (3:01-05:20)
4. The latest public opinion poll in Trinidad and Tobago, has put the main opposition party the PNM in the lead by 3 percentage points. Political Analyst Selwyn Ryan told the anchor the small margin reflects his own findings (05:21-08:28)
5. The United States says the Cayman Islands is on its way to being recognized as a leading financial center, as officials sign a US agreement to share tax information. Ben Meade reports (08:29-10:02)
6. The issue of money laundering is keeping officials in Dominica busy, as Finance Minister Ambrose George, defends his association with businessman Julien Giraud. Giraud was held by US authorities on suspicion of involvement in illegal activity. However, The Finance Minister Ambrose George says he has done nothing wrong. Ken Richards reports (10:03-12:28)
7. While internet gambling is on the increase worldwide, tightened money laundering laws in Antigua have led to an almost 50% decline in operations. In an interview, Gary Collins Chairman of the Betting and Gaming Committee explains that the new laws are not the sole cause of the decline (12:29-15:27)