Caribbean Report 07-07-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:24)
2. Thousands take to the streets as Puerto Rico sees its biggest strike in decades. Warren Gordon reports (00:25-02:10)
3. The Dominican Republic's main university was closed today after violent clashes between students and police in the Capital Santo Domingo. Jean Michel Caroit reports (02:11-03:51)
4. The United States is attacked again in the dispute over the banana trade. Meanwhile, EU Vice President Sir Leon Brittan, is in Washington for high level discussions with Clinton officials. The banana trade issue and EU-Cuba trade ties are on the table for discussion. OECS Ambassador to Brussels Edwin Laurent and Prime Minister Edison James are interviewed. Roy Osana reports (03:52-09:27)
5. Can Jamaica get ready for Renee Simoes to stay? Also, the Commonwealth Games due to be held in Malaysia in just eight weeks is reported to be in financial trouble. David Willis and Simon Crosskill report (09:28-15:25)