Caribbean Report 23-01-1991


At a peace rally in Washington, the Rainbow of Coalition led by Rev. Jessie Jackson believes that the Caribbean would suffer for supporting the Bush administration on the war. A spokesman from this group believes that US aid earmarked for the Caribbean would be diverted to other areas. He thinks that the Caribbean leaders should provide leadership in a peace initiative instead of supporting the war. In Barbados, the National Development Party emerges victorious by a reduced majority. Mr. Erskine Sandiford gets a second successive term in office despite a low voter turnout amounting to approximately 60-62%. Mr. Sandiford identifies some of the priorities that he will be focusing on under his leadership. Bishop Drexel Gomez of Barbados believes that Caribbean leaders were too quick to endorse the American military effort, and thus bowing to the dictates of the United States. Barbados Political analyst, Dr. Patrick Emmanuel explains that this is first time Mr. Erskine Sandiford has led the DLP into victory and believes that this would boost Mr. Sandiford’s confidence. People will be waiting for the presentation of the 1991 estimates and budget to gain insight into the government’s economic policy.


In segment 4 there is a short clip of "Beat them Sandy, beat them" - the rallying tune of the victorious Democratic Labour Party.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:37)
2. The Rainbow of Coalition led by Rev. Jessie Jackson hits out at Caribbean leaders for supporting the Bush policy of war and destruction (00:38-03:36)
3. Bishop Drexel Gomez of Barbados believes that the Caribbean leaders are moving to a position of accommodation by supporting the US policy of war (03:37-05:49)
4. Report on the results of the Barbados general elections (05:50-11:02)
5. Barbados political analyst Dr. Patrick Emmanuel provides an analysis of the results of the recently concluded general elections (11:03-14:55)