Caribbean Report 23-04-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines of a special edition of Caribbean Report by Pat Whitehorne (00:00-00:34)
2. British Secretary of State for Caribbean Affairs, Mr. Mark Lennard Boyd has just ended his visit of the British Virgin Island. On the 10th May, 1991 the death penalty for murder will be replaced on the books of the BVI statute and other dependencies by a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. The die has been cast as Mark Jarvis reports from Tortola. Chief Minister Laverty Stoute at a press conference said that there was no consultation between his government and the British government. However, BVI Governor General Mark Herdman gives another perspective indicating that the matter was discussed in Mexico but there must have been a breakdown in communications (00:35-03:01)
3. In an interview with Pat Whitehorne, Chairman of the West Indian Commission, Sir Shridath Ramphal noted that he was struck by the complaints and criticisms from the week long visit in Britain. It revealed that the hopes and aspirations, trust to unity, and complaints that CARICOM is not working well enough are both the same in Britain and the Caribbean. He added that there is a sense of alienation on the parts of Caribbean residents in Britain and it is being forgotten by the Caribbean region. It is necessary for Caribbean governments to look at their compatriots overseas, he added. Sir Ramphal noted that the region has overlooked the fact that there is a lobbying group in place and the political leadership of the region is not concerning itself about West Indians in Britain. This has not surprised the West Indian Commission entirely but the strength of it has impressed the Commission (03:02-07:29)
4. Pat Whitehorne interviews Dianne Abbot, the first black female British Member of Parliament of Jamaican origin and a member of the British Parliamentary Caribbean Group. She notes that there is no gap between the Caribbean region and the West Indians in Britain from a personal and family level. However, she adds that there is a gap of politics and strategy (07:30-14:43)
5. Pat Whitehorne concludes this special report (14:44-14:50)