Caribbean Report 24-07-2003



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:24)
2. Guyana’s Parliamentary Debate on a controversial constitutional amendment to outlaw sexual discrimination may not be proceeding as planned. The society is divided into supporters and detractors, emotions are rising, and some civic organisations have called for a postponement (00:25:02:52)
3. The University and Allied Workers Union (UAWU), representing more than half of the workers of Cable & Wireless Jamaica is dissatisfied with the consultation on the impending lay-off. Lambert Brown, the UAWU’s First Vice President explains why. Errol Miller, the Company’s spokesman describes the process being followed (02:53-05:24)
4. The governing Progressive Labour Party is seeking a second term in office but opinion surveys suggest that the PLP is up against a strong contender. Bill Zuill of The Royal Gazette discusses the Bermuda General Elections voter turnout (05:25-08:24)
5. The Inter-American Development Bank announces almost 200 million dollars in loans for Haiti ending a two-year freeze on lending. Susie Blann reports (08:25-09:39)
6. Australia’s Ambassador to the World Trade Organization, David Spencer is defending his country’s complaint to the WTO against the European Union sugar market regime. Australia joins Brazil and Thailand in the claim that the EU’s export subsidies distort world sugar trade (09:40-14:32)
7. The United States Coast Guard and US officials return a group of would-be migrants to Cuba. For the journey, floats and a propeller were attached to a Chevrolet truck making it the most creative raft ever used to cross the Florida Strait (14:33-15:30)