Caribbean Report 25-01-1990


The program focuses on Haiti with the announcement by General Prosper Avril, Haitian President to lift the state of siege and his intention to hold elections this year. The United States adopts a new attitude towards Haiti with the expulsion of the opposition leaders and the censorship of the Haitian media. The US State Department refers to the current Haitian situation as a blatant assault on the basic civil liberties of the country. Haiti also emerges as a top priority for Caribbean church leaders as they attempt to draw up an agenda of concerns for the next World Council of Churches meeting. Following the Financial Market news, a Brazilian correspondent reports that a large number of gold prospectors are crossing the border into Guyana. This assertion is denied by the Guyanese government who dismisses claims of the presence of Brazilian prospectors in the country, as well as the collection of royalties from miners by the authorities. In the final segment, the Cuban government announces the suspension of the withdrawal of its troops from Angola due to the death of four Cubans attacked by anti-government UNITA forces whilst guarding a water treatment plant. The Cubans lay the blame on the US since the Americans continue to support the UNITA forces with weapons and military advice.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:37)
2. General Prosper Avril, Haitian President indicates the near end of the state of siege in Haiti as reported by Michael Norton from Port-au-France. Cuban violation of civil liberties as perceived by the US is reported by Owen Benett Jones in an interview with Larry Birns, Director of the Hemispheric Affairs in Washington. Haiti emerges as a top priority for Caribbean church leaders, interview with Rev. Clifford Payne, Moderator of the World Council of Churches Caribbean Taskforce (00:38-08:05)
3. Financial News. Analyst, Chris Pack of Cezanne Account comments on the rise in the price of sugar (08:06-09:32)
4. Guyana denies the influx of Brazilian miners into the country. William Vol Volsen and Sharief Khan reports (09:33-13:27)
5. Cuban government announces the suspension of the withdrawal of its forces from Angola (13:28-14:45)