Caribbean Report 22-07-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:40)
2. A former soldier in Haiti is assassinated and an attempt made on the life of a pro-Aristide politician amidst threats of a destablising campaign. Michael Norton reports (00:41-03:38)
3. Rules of engagement which would press for respect for women in politics is the way forward St. Lucian Prime Minister Vaughn Lewis has announced while addressing a seminar in Castries on women in decision making. Attorney General and Minister for Women's Affairs Lorraine Williams and Prime Minister Vaughn Lewis are interviewed (03:39-05:41)
4. Caribbean youths and British Labour Member of Parliament Bernie Grant shares their fears about the region's illicit drug crisis. Labour Member of Parliament Bernie Grant and young people from churches were interviewed (05:42-09:20)
5. The British organisation ChildLine has spoken out against what it has labelled blatant unrelated racism directed at children on a daily basis. ChildLine Executive Director Valerie Howard is interviewed (09:21-12:51)
6. An India Cricket Board official criticises the West Indies and three test playing nations. Sir Clyde Walcott is interviewed and Warren Gordon reports (12:52-15:22)