Caribbean Report 25-09-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Rudy Collins, Chairman of the Elections Commission in Guyana says the commission accepts responsibility for the mistake made in the ballot papers where the word ‘civic’ was omitted from the People’s Progressive Party entry. (00:28-02:06)
3. Dr. Clive Thomas of the Working People’s Alliance says he is unsure of the legal and constitutional ramifications persons could seek to exploit after Guyana’s elections as a result of the omission on the ballot papers. (02:07-04:09)
4. In his response to President Desmond Hoyte’s call to be re-elected based on his recent revival of Guyana’s economy, Manzoor Nadir leader of the United force Party says that the PNC’s track record is one to be ashamed of. (04:10-07:34)
5. James Matheson, Guyana’s ambassador to Brussels says that even though a review of the European Community’s sugar regime may mean increased market access for Caribbean sugar, current production levels may not allow them to take advantage of this. (07:35-10:55)
6. David Sugden, Chief Executive Officer at Geest says that in addition to Europe’s economic crisis, bananas face increasing competition from other fresh fruits. (10:56-13:58)
7. Robert Rubino, speaking on behalf of the Cuban government, confirms the removal of its Ideology and Foreign Policy Chief, Carlos Aldana. (13:59-14:43)