Response to Call for Written Submissions: Economic Empowerment of the People of African Descent



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International Decade for People of African Descent Assembly - Guyana


An examination of the available data reveals that almost 50% of African Guyanese students drop out of high school to work and contribute to family income. Although disaggregated data is unavailable, anecdotal information and observation suggest that African Guyanese students are over-represented among those who leave the school system without qualifications. IDPADA-G supports two night-schools for secondchance learners in two Regions of the country. The high dropout rate and limited employment, alternative training or second chance opportunities drive a large number of African Guyanese micro entrepreneurs often within underserved communities. Support for these microenterprises, including business training, access to credit, marketing and other assistance is extremely limited for African Guyanese while opportunities are currently directed towards other groups.


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black achievement, economic empowerment, high school, alternative training