Caribbean Report 01-07-1994



Table of Contents

1. The United Nations (UN) pledge to begin planning for a major new Peacekeeping Mission in Haiti which has taken pressure off US President Bill Clinton. The US has been trying, with little success, to convince the Haiti military dictatorship to step aside and allow the democratically elected President to return (00:25-00:45)
2. Michael Price reports on the new options open to the United States after the UN’s decision (00:46-02:29)
3. The number of Haitian boat people picked up since offshore protesting began aboard a US navy hospital ship, has passed the 5,000 mark. 30 migrants were reported to have drowned and there were among 200 that were knocked overboard. The UN coast guard picked up 1,081 refugees. State Department Press Officer David Johnson said the reported incident underscored the US view that it is safer for Haitians to apply for refugee status at US offices inside Haiti (02:30-03:45)
4. A Haitian who was denied entry in the US as an asylum seeker jumped overboard in Kingston harbor to reach land in Jamaica. Although he asked for asylum he was sent back to Haiti. Since 6 other Haitians were granted asylum in Jamaica and were designated to go to the Refugee Centre in Western Jamaica. This action has reinforced more questions being asked and more cause for clarification (03:46-07:41)
5. The upcoming CARICOM Summit takes place in Barbados against the backdrop of an upcoming election. Despite the Opposition’s call for the Summit not to be held, the leaders have decided that it will take place because there are important matters to be discussed. The main areas of discussion to dominate the Summit will include the military invasion of Haiti, NAFTA and the LIAT issue (07:42-10:53)
6. A study on NAFTA commissioned by the CARICOM Secretariat provides recommendations on becoming members of NAFTA. The study urges leaders of CARICOM to take account of the preconditions of becoming a member of NAFTA. The recommendations of the study will be discussed at the Summit in Barbados (10:54-13:08)
7. In cricket news, Warwickshire says that Brian Lara will miss a cricket match due to a knee ligament damage. Meanwhile a London evening newspaper says Lara could face disciplinary charges from the Test and County Cricket Board for an alleged sledging of an opponent in a recent cricket fixture against Northamptonshire (13:09-14:01)
8. One hundred and seventy-seven Cubans have died of AIDS since the disease was first reported in the island in the mid-1980s. A total of 1056 persons have been diagnosed thus far in Cuba. Of those affected with HIV, 87 were suffering from full blown AIDS. Those most affected were between 20-29 years (14:02-15:07)