Caribbean Report 05-02-1990


The program features the major row between the Dominican Republic and Caricom countries over the former’s decision to export bananas to the European community, a contravention of an agreement with Caricom. Following the Financial Market news, Rev. Jessie Jackson condemns the move by the United States to cut back on aid levels to the Caribbean countries. The next segment addresses the announcement by Desi Bouterse, Surinam’s army commander to give up his role as a mediator in the country’s peace talks. The program concludes with the upcoming meeting in Brussels between the members of the European Commission and the representatives of the current European colonies in the Caribbean to discuss concerns over the role of the colonies with the introduction of the single market in Europe.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:43)
2. Caricom countries oppose plans by the Dominican Republic to export bananas to Europe. Interviews with James Mitchell, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Charles Savarin, Dominica's ambassador to Brussels (00:44-07:37)
3. Financial Market (07:38-08:33)
4. Rev Jessie Jackson of the United States comments on US aid to the Caribbean (08:34-09:40)
5. Surinam's military commander, Desi Bouterse threatens to pull out of efforts to implement a peace accord (09:42-12:03)
6. Europe's remaining Caribbean colonies are concern about the introduction of the single European market (12:04-14:59)