Homeopathic Hospital, Rochester, N.Y.




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The Rochester News Company


The picture shows the front grounds of the hospital with several automobiles parked in the driveway. The Hospital was chartered on May 25th, 1887. Over the years additions to the original building were constructed: the Pavilion and the South Wing in 1893, the nurses dormitory in 1898. On December 1st, 1889 the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital School of Nursing was opened. In 1926, the North Wing was added and in that same year the hospital's name was changed to The Genesee Hospital. On May 21st, 2001, the last patient was discharged and the doors closed. Affixed to the postcard is a US 1 cent stamp. It is postmarked December, 1924 and bears the number 26850N.


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Postcards, United States, Cities and towns--United States--Rochester, Buildings--United States, Hospitals--United States, 1924, Automobiles--United States