Caribbean Report 08-05-1992

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:34)
2. At this year’s private sector meeting, CARICOM Secretary General Edwin Carrington gets support from private sector leaders for the establishment of an economic and social advisory group as a permanent part of the regional integration structure. Correspondent Sandra Baptiste gives feedback from conference attendees Sydney Knox and Pat Thompson (00:41-03:46)
3. Dr. Paul Sutton of the University of Hull believes that the economic future of the Caribbean lies firmly in the establishment of trade arrangements with North and Latin America and not in a single European market (03:47-07:27)
4. Grenada’s Prime Minister Nicholas Brathwaite rejects the implementation of the IMF’s structural adjustment program in favour of a home-grown one, contending that the IMF’s programs are too stringent for a small country like Grenada. Blossom O’Meally-Nelson of the Jamaica Development Foundation supports his views (07:31-08:39)
5. President of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) Sir Neville Nicholls responds to criticism of former IMF economist Davison Budhoo concerning the CDB’s involvement in the formation of Grenada’s self-imposed adjustment program (08:40-10:53)
6. Barbadian Roman Catholic Priest Harcourt Blackett reacts to the decision of the Vatican to officially recognize the illegal regime in Haiti (10:54-12:35)
7. At the annual general meeting of Caribbean Rights in Kingstown, St. Vincent, Victor Cuffie, Executive Director of the organization Human Rights observes that more can be done to restore President Aristide to power in Haiti (12:36-13:48)
8. Jamaican born footballer John Barnes is forced out of tomorrow’s FA Cup finals at Wembley due to the recurrence of a thigh injury sustained in training (13:49-14:18)