Caribbean Report 16-04-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Keith Stone Greaves (00:00-00:25)
2. Canada's Prime Minister Jean Chretien argues for special conditions for small states as CARICOM present a united front. Jerome Sawyer reports on what was the outcome of the discussions at the 5th CARICOM-Canada Summit (00:26-05:00)
3. Cuba is playing host to the largest ever Spanish business delegation to visit the country. Tom Gibb reports that the businessmen have stressed that they want more economic reforms (05:01-06:36)
4. In Haiti, the Senate has rejected the nomination of Prime Minister designate Herve Denis for the second time which raises questions over the personal choice of President Rene Preval. Michael Norton reports (06:37-08:35)
5. At the Annual Meeting of the World Bank and IMF, developing countries have been the talking point. James Morgan reports on the progress of people in developing countries (08:36-10:15)
6. The Government of St. Lucia has chosen Louis Blom-Cooper, a respected British Queen's Counsel to head the commission of inquiry. Blom-Cooper allays fears on how he will proceed (10:16-12:10)
7. In St. Lucia, one of the main labour unions has expressed its concern about what could be major job losses in various sectors in the wake of government's privatization plans. Lawrence Poyotte of Civil Service Association comments (12:11-15:10)