Caribbean Report 10-12-1990



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:55)
2. At the Annual Conference of the NAR party, A.N.R. Robinson warns that whilst the economic climate appears bright, not enough gains have been made to satisfy the requirements of the population. Debbie Ransome reports that the meeting also addressed a review of the Trinidad and Tobago economy and the recently presented budget (00:56-03:17)
3. British Foreign Minister with Responsibilities for the Caribbean, Mark Lennox Boyd, endorses the British government’s desire to see free and fair election in Guyana and supports the economic policies of the Guyanese government. Cheddi Jagan also comments on the likelihood of free and fair elections in given the concessions made by President Hoyte (03:18-07:48)
4. The rapid pace of the Jamaican government pushing through its policy of deregulation has attracted criticism from many, including an Anglican bishop, Neville De Souza. Bishop De Souza also comments on the role of the Church and questions the intentions of the US initiative for the Americas (07:49-12:02)
5. Exiled Haitian Jean-Claude Duvalier calls for peace and non-violence in the run-up to Sunday’s presidential elections. Leslie Goffe interviews Duvalier’s lawyer, Sauveur Vaisse, and questions if his peace message was his first step in returning to Haiti (12:03-14:26)
6. Guyanese-born British Labour Party MP, Bernie Grant, will lead a delegation from the Afro-Asian community to Baghdad on Sunday (14:27-14:53)