Caribbean Report 14-08-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Trinidad and Tobago's Attorney General Ramesh Maharaj pulls back from a confrontation with the Prime Minister. Attorney General Ramesh Maharaj and Editor-in-Chief of the Newsday Newspaper Therese Mills are interviewed. Tony Fraser reports (00:28-06:01)
3. Three people are shot dead in an operation by Guyana's Anti-smuggling Unit. Colin Smith reports from Georgetown (06:02-07:59)
4. Jamaica begins to count the tourism cost of the recent violence in West Kingston. Vice President of Industrial Affairs for Air Jamaica Will Rogers is interviewed (08:00-10:13)
5. New political party was launched in Jamaica today. Leader of the United People's Party Antoinette Haughton-Cardenas is interviewed (10:14-12:10)
6. Mayor Damaso Serrano has been sentenced to four months in prison for his role in the protest against the United States bombing practice in that island. Ken Richards reports (12:11-13:45)
7. Russia has dismissed media reports that it is preparing to shut down a top secret electronic listening post in Cuba (13:45-15:15