Caribbean Report 16-09-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. European MP's start their lobby on the banana issue as St. Lucia's leader calls for a diplomatic trust. Prime Minister Kenny Anthony is interviewed and Claire Addo reports from Brussels (00:29-02:53)
3. Indusrial action at the region's biggest natural gas plant, Atlantic LNG has created particular problems for the Trinidad and Tobago government. Information Minister Wade Mark is interviewed. Tony Fraser reports (02:54-04:50)
4. Four pro-independence activist who are charged with attacking and setting afire the home of a French Guiana state prosecutor have vowed to continue their anti-colonial struggle against France. (04:51-07:41)
5. Montserrat's concerns are raised in Brussels. Clifford Smith reports (07:42-08:47)
6. In London, Chief Minister David Brandt has put the final touches to the five year sustainable development plan and the concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London to raise funds for Montserrat was tremendous. Labour Member of Parliament Bernie Grant and Calypsonian Arrow are interviewed. Emma Joseph reports (08:48-15:25)