Caribbean Report 21-08-1995


In this report Montserrat's Chief Minister, Reuben Meade, urges cooperation as the evacuation of people living in the capital Plymouth is announced. In Guyana, cyanide contaminated water has leaked into the Essequibo River from the Omai Gold Mines. Norman McLean of the Omai Gold Mines called the leakage a disaster. The Guyanese people on the streets of Georgetown were interviewed to get their reaction to the latest cyanide spill. Meanwhile in St. Vincent the Opposition has again called for the resignation of the Attorney General following the latest revelations concerning his indebtedness to the offshore Owens Bank. The Speaker of Trinidad and Tobago's House of Representatives has filed a writ against her detention during a state of emergency and claims that her constitutional rights were contravened. In cricket, after a well-balanced series, the West Indies and England head into the final test match.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Debbie Ransome (00:00-00:27)
2. Montserrat's volcano shows its highest level of activity since its first explosion and residents are evacuated from the capital (00:28-04:04)
3. In Guyana the Omai Gold Mines has again leaked cyanide into the Essequibo River (04:05-10:13)
4. St. Vincent's Opposition has repeated its call for the resignation of the Attorney General (10:14-13:00)
5. In Trinidad and Tobago the Speaker of the House has filed a writ against her detention (13:01-13:36)
6. Cricket fever is mounting in England ahead of the final test between England and the West Indies (13:37-14:45)
7. Recap of top stories (14:46-15:00)