Caribbean Report 30-04-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. The region's labour movement is supportive of a single market but wants its concerns addressed. Caribbean Congress of Labour General Secretary Curtis Augustus and University of the West Indies Economist Karl Theodore are interviewed (00:30-04:21)
3. St. Lucia's Prime Minister has spoken to moves being made to expand the regional security system. He wants to see the RSS extended to include the entire Caribbean as a response to the growing drug menace. Prime Minister Vaughn Lewis is interviewed (04:22-05:23)
4. With volcano evacuators dislocated and some residents overseas the authorities in Montserrat are considering postponing the 1996 general elections. Chief Minister Reuben Meade is interviewed (05:24-06:43)
5. Europe seeks the World Trade Organisation help to fight the US Helms-Burton legislation. Warren Gordon reports (06:44-08:58)
6. Concern is being addressed in Grenada that political appointments to the newsroom appear to be a growing trend in the Caribbean. Lou Smith reports (08:59-11:26)
7. Questions are being asked about why the Saudi dissident Dr Mohammad Al-Massari was not granted political asylum by the British government but was allowed to stay for four years. Liberal Democrat Peer Lord Avebury and Home Office Minister Lady Blanche are interivewed (11:27-12:53)
8. The development of black theology in the United Kingdom is put on the discussion table. Director of the African and Caribbean Evangelical Alliance Ronald Nathan is interviewed. Carol Orr reports (12:54-15:29)