Caribbean Report 19-12-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Trinidad and Tobago Foreign Minister Mervyn Assam, says Barbados is to blame for the escalation of the fishing dispute due to stalling on the negotiated settlement on fishing rights. Tony Fraser (00:28-02:24)
3. In an interview with the anchor, UWI lecturer Dr. George Bell says the Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur acted due to increasing agitation to resolve the long standing fishing dispute (02:25-04:34)
4. Police in Trinidad and Tobago charge teenager Daniel Agard for the murder of his great grandmother and two others including former BBC producer Lynette Pearson (04:35-05:05)
5. The Guyana government says it believes the United States authorities are violating the rights of Guyanese nationals, who have been deported from the US amid the lifting of a travel ban. Colin Smith reports (05:06-07:17)
6. The Dominican Republic reopens its border after closing it in the aftermath of the attack on the National Palace in Port a Prince Haiti. Ben Meade reports (07:18-09:39)
7. Jamaica’s Roman Catholic Archbishop says the church maintains the view that homosexuality is immoral. However, he has not taken an official stance against the recommendation that homosexuality should be de-criminalized. Archbishop Edgerton Clarke discusses the church’s stance on the issue (09:40-12:36)
8. Twelve countries of the European Union are adopting the single European currency (The Euro) on January 1st. This includes French territories Martinique and Guadeloupe (12:37-13:08)
9. After a letter sent to Switzerland from French St. Martin in June 1956 was returned 45 years later, the St. Martin postal service placed ads to locate any possible descendants of the sender (13:09-13:36)
10. Upcoming special reports are highlighted (13:37-15:27)