Caribbean Report 20-04-0992



Final segment ends abruptly.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:00)
2. Editor of the St. Lucia Star, Rick Wayne publishes love letters allegedly written by St. Lucia’s Prime Minister John Compton to a seventeen year old school girl. Mr. Wayne maintains that the letters are original in an interview with the anchor. However, Victor Job, Chairman of the St. Lucian Christian Council questions the motive behind the timing of the allegations (00:54-06:18)
3. Julian Hunte, Leader of the Opposition Labour Party in St. Lucia expresses certainty in the authenticity of the alleged Compton letters and calls into question the morality that is associated with the office of Prime Minister (06:19-09:16)
4. United States President George Bush tightens the trade embargo against Cuba in restricting entry to American ports by ships which trade with Cuba. Correspondent Lionel Martin reports on the impact of this measure on Cuba’s economy (09:17-10:59)
5. Barbadian cricket fans continue their boycott of the historic first test between the West Indies and South Africa due to fast bowler Anderson Cummings being left out from the West Indies cricket side. Commentator Tony Cozier talks about the deeper reasons behind the boycott (11:00-12:52)